Our History

Transmission FM System for Roads! A new and unprecedented concept in information, services and prevention.

The RadioEstrada Comunicações operates in the telecom segment and developed a technology model for implantation of an FM transmission system for highways. Its technological basis is the synchronism in FM, using satellites and fiber optic, called UNICLOCK*.

It is an unpublished system by presenting unique characteristics. It is the first service synchronized FM, by satellite and fiber optic, dedicated to a single highway. It uses the same FM frequency all the way without signal interruption and its coverage is focused in the road axis. The tune is unique in the whole course of travel, resulting in a considerable differential.

Radiovias BR is a telecom service, similar to the FM radios, of collective interest, and provided in a system restricted to the highway. In addition to meeting the requirements established by the agencies responsible for the highways, provides its users greater security, protection, convenience and ease through information directly related to the itinerary.

Insert this model on the highway means taking a leap on communication with drivers and passengers using the road.

The Highway reports, through the system received by any FM radio equipment and in real time, the traffic conditions, incidents alerts and any retention points, in addition to the local, regional, national and international news.

The system allows not only to increase the information and guidance to highway users, as well as to contribute to the prevention and reduction of accidents.

RadioEstrada Comunicações has Legal, Technical, Operational and Programming  experience to develop all the steps and actions necessary to insert the service on highways.

The set of services includes the conception, the technical-legal feasibility, the project insertion and operation in any highway, even with bridges, tunnels and mountain regions.



* Patents Require: Brazil, South America, Europe, Mediterrânean, Asia, Africa.